Sophie Warman: “Thank you very much for a very informative and entertaining tour! Great way to spend our training day!” 15th November (Bournemouth Crime and the Underworld)

Jill Vicefield: “Thank you Hattie – really enjoyable and interesting.” 19th August 2018 (Darker Side of the East Cliff)

Michael Heatley: “Weather good, walk great!” 19th August 2018 (Hidden Histories of Boscombe Chine)

John Pozniac: “Thank you for the excellent, informative & most importantly fun mini tour of Bournemouth. Am looking forward to the next one on Sunday!” 19th June 2018 (Hidden Secrets of Bournemouth)

Sue Thomas: “Really enjoyed the tour of Boscombe. Hattie knows her stuff. It was fascinating to see the Sovereign Centre and Christchurch Road through new eyes. I can’t wait for the day that Boscombe will be restored to its former glories! Thanks for an informative and very professional tour. I’ll come to more!” 4th May 2018 (History & Horrors a Boscombe Journey)

Karen Moore: “We had such a great time today. Thank you Hattie”. 1st May 2018 (History & Horrors a Boscombe Journey)

Maurice Patterson (Bournemouth Rotary Club): “Many thanks for giving us a very interesting afternoon’s walk taking in some of the hidden secrets of Bournemouth…… the weather was just right for it and a great time was had by all”. 25th April 2018 (Hidden Secrets of Bournemouth)

Barry Levinson: “A great way to learn about the rich history of the Bournemouth area. I enjoyed it”. 31st March 2018 (Hidden Secrets of Bournemouth)

Ann Cunliffe (Inner Wheel): “Thank you so much for giving us two most enjoyable walks”. 19th March, 2018 (Hidden Secrets of Bournemouth private booking x2)

Ann Fox (Inner Wheel): “We had a super Conference and one of the highlights for me was your tour.  As you may have deduced from my walking stick, it’s not something I do very often – or easily – but my job on the Publications Committee meant I had to make the effort.  I was so glad I did, the weather didn’t worry me, being one of the fortunate souls who don’t feel the cold, and I enjoyed it immensely, even though my knees reminded me why I do it so rarely”. 19th March, 2018 (Hidden Secrets of Bournemouth)

Emma Craven: “Thank you so much. I had a great time. Truly informative and learnt things I never knew. Will defiantly do another one.” 16th February, 2018 (History and Horrors: a Boscombe Journey)

Chris Colledge: “The Rotary Club of Westbourne could not be more appreciative of Hattie. We did not know what to expect but on a cold, frosty morning last Sunday her walking tour of Westbourne revitalised us all. Hearing and learning about the history of Westbourne was captivating and inspiring. Thank you Hattie it was the most amazing and enjoyable occasion.” 26th November 2017 (Wonderful Westbourne private booking)

Karen Moore: “We had such a great time on the walk, very informative too!” 24th October, 2017 (Wonderful Westbourne)

Kathy kiat Neo Gan: “Thank you for an Inspiring experience”. 20th October, 2017 (The Language of Colour)

Lynda Ford-Horne: “This is the third walk that I have done with Walkingtalks and each of them have been very good. Hattie even managed to organise beautiful weather for us today. I am looking forward to joining her on future walks. I only had a coffee at Platform 19 Café, but will be back to try out their food for lunch one day very soon. Thank you Hattie for a great morning!”  20th October, 2017 (The Language of Colour)

Ruth Alinek: “We had a really enjoyable afternoon. Thank you!” 8th October,  2017 (Hidden Secrets of Bournemouth)

Elaine Williams: “It was great fun!” 8th October,  2017 (Hidden Secrets of Bournemouth)

Lynda Ford-Horne: “I went on this walk this afternoon and it was just as good as the first one I did with Hattie a few weeks ago. Can’t wait for the Colours of Autumn and the Westbourne walks. Thank you Hattie.” 17th September, 2017 (Hidden Secrets of Bournemouth)

Gillian Walnes Perry: “I really enjoyed your walk and talk and learnt so much that I never knew about the area I actually grew up in.  I have already recommended your walks to others.” 28th August, 2017 (Hidden Histories of Boscombe Chine)

Lynda Ford-Horne: “The ‘Hidden Histories of Boscombe Chine’ that Martin and I came on last Thursday was really good. It brought back lots of forgotten memories to Martin who was born in Bournemouth and lived here until he was 18. I have recommended your walks to lots of people.” 24th August, 2017 (Hidden Histories of Boscombe Chine)

Andria Marchant & Sabu the Tibetan spaniel: “Fascinating and informative. Includes a stroll through Boscombe Chine Gardens and begins and ends at the friendly Chine Hotel”. 28th August, 2017 (Hidden Histories of Boscombe Chine)

Gerry Flanagan: “A very interesting and enjoyable walk despite the blustery conditions. Thanks Hattie. 5th June, 2017 (The Darker Side of Bournemouth)

Lieve Goudet-Hemelaer: “Thank you for the wonderful walk in Westbourne today, I really enjoyed it”. 19th May, 2017 (Wonderful Westbourne)

Jo Amy: “An excellent guide, very well informed about local history, buildings and environment. Well paced and managed”. 14th April, 2017 (Hidden Histories of Boscombe Chine)

Cheryl Atkinson: “Thanks to Hattie Miles for a fascinating walk in the sunshine. Thoroughly recommended!” 31st March, 2017 (Romance and Scandal in Bournemouth)

Beth Daw: “Thank you so much for Saturday morning, we all thoroughly enjoyed the  walk and all the interesting information. You pitched it at exactly the right level for us.”
18th March 2017 (Hidden Secrets of Bournemouth)

Christine Hodgson:I really enjoyed this walk on Saturday Hattie. Thank you for sharing your little secrets about Bournemouth”. 18th March 2017 (Hidden Secrets of Bournemouth)

Helmut & Paula Hosteller: “Merry Christmas and many thanks for your fascinating walkingtalks throughout 2016”.

Vanessa Bennett: “Thank you so much, we all really enjoyed the walk and talk, and surprising how so many local people have never been to where we went today. Always lovely to introduce new places (and cafes) to folks. You make it all so interesting and was all good fun. 8th September (Highcliffe: from Slop Pond to High Society)

Hilary Wellman: “A very enjoyable informative walk, the wind and the rain didn’t dampen our spirits. The lunch at the Cliffhanger was a perfect end to the morning. Highly recommend. 2nd August (Highcliffe: from Slop Pond to High Society)

Susan Woollam: “We had a most enjoyable walk, very informative. In fact that evening at a party I was waxing lyrical about local history astounding the locals!!!”  24th July (Hidden Secrets of Bournemouth)

Maggie: “Thank you for an entertaining and very enjoyable walk this morning at Highcliffe, hope to see you on a few more walks later in the summer”. 3rd May, 2016 (Highcliffe: from Slop Pond to High Society)

Tracey Beesley: “Thank you to Hattie for a beautiful morning walk along the coastal path in Highcliffe and to the Cliffhanger Cafe for lunch. My mother and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.” 3rd May, 2016 (Highcliffe: from Slop Pond to High Society)

Helmut Hosteller: “A fascinating Walkingtalks again. Not only hidden secrets but also secrets I’ve walked past before without realising what’s behind the facade. The Dorset beach town (Love Bournemouth) is full of surprises. Hattie Miles acts as a real eye opener.” 25th April 2016 (Hidden Secrets of Bournemouth)

Barry Barnes: “Well worth going for a walk and getting additional details on some of Bournemouth’s “Hidden Secrets” many thanks Hattie.” 25th April 2016 (Hidden Secrets of Bournemouth)

Helmut Hosteller: “Fascinating coastal walk. Learning interesting facts about geology, history, exciting high life around Highcliffe and also about hurricanes. Even rain couldn’t impair our pleasure. As the Spanish say:’Mal tiempo, buena cara’ –  mochas gracias.”     5th April 2016 (Highcliffe: from Slop Pond to High Society)

Daisy Carr: “Great way to spend a Monday! Highly recommended for people visiting and those who live in Bournemouth. Loved finding out about all those nuggets and secrets about the town I live in!” 4th April 2016 (Hidden Secrets of Bournemouth)

Fiona & Mr Nifty: “Thank you for all the wonderful information, the superb walk through the autumnal colours and most of all your genuine and uplifting smile.” 21st October 2015 (Language of Colour)

Yana Ivanova: “Thank you very much for the very interesting tour Hattie.  We’ve really enjoyed this walk, found out many interesting new facts (my English family was amazed that iconic Beatles album cover photo was taken in a Bournemouth hotel).” 11th October, 2015 (Hidden Secrets of Bournemouth)

Yana Ivanova: “A highly enjoyable and inspirational walk. Colour therapy for the soul.” 7th October 2015 (Language of Colour)

Terry Mischel: “We enjoyed your walk and talk immensely, and really felt it was the highlight of our trip to Bournemouth.” 19th August, 2015 (Second World War Bournemouth)

Howie Mischel: “I just wanted to say thanks for a very fine walking tour. It was just what I had hoped for.” 19th August, 2015 (Second World War Bournemouth)

Karen Gold: “Thank you for an interesting, informative walk around Bmth.
Not only were we 4 all born and bred in Bournemouth but we all said how much we didn’t know??  We all thoroughly enjoyed it and will be joining you again on another walk.” 7th June, 2015 (Hidden Secrets of Bournemouth)

Helmut Hostelttler: “Fantastic tour of “Bournemouth in World War II” today: Ammunition factory, bunkers, Piccadilly Circus, D-Day, John Walker et al. An experience to remember!” 16th May, 2015 (Second World War Bournemouth)

Sue Hayward: “Thank you for a fantastic walk, Hattie. Well researched, beautifully paced and very enjoyable.” 25th Apri,l 2015 (Wonderful Westbourne)

Barbara Leonard: “A great way to get to know the area whether you are a local or a visitor.” 16th April, 2015  (Hidden Secrets of Bournemouth)

Paul Barrett: “We both thoroughly enjoyed your most interesting and very informative outing last Saturday.” 16th March, 2015  (Wonderful Westbourne)

Margaret Evelyn: “I really enjoyed our walk yesterday, in spite of the weather!” 14th February, 2015  (Love Is In The Air)

David Jones, ETC International College: “I am very grateful for the original and very entertaining events that you have put on for us.  The students (and also my colleagues who have joined them) have given universally-excellent feedback on the walks and the inspirational talks that you have conducted.  I am confident that we will be asking you to run some more of these activities for us again soon.”  29th October, 2014 (“The Language of Colour”, “My Life as a Photojournalist”, “Every Picture Tells A Story” and “A New View of Bournemouth”)

Kate Shaw, KTPR: “Highly recommend these Westbourne Walking Talks launched by ex Echo photographer, Hattie Miles.  Hattie has many fascinating tales to tell!”  2nd September, 2014  (Wonderful Westbourne)


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