walks and talks

WALKS  WITH  HATTIE  MILES: Hattie’s ‘no need to book, just turn up’ circular guided walks cost £6 (over sixties & students £5). All Hattie’s walks can be booked on a private basis and cost a minimum of £50 per group. to discuss details please email hattiepix@gmail.com or telephone 07907 645897

Hidden Secrets of Bournemouth: Discover the area’s history, famous residents and visitors, and discover some of the town’s hidden secrets.

Hidden Histories of Boscombe Chine: Find out about Boscombe Chine’s history, the many famous people connected to it and discover some of its hidden secrets.

History and Horrors: A Boscombe Journey: The story of Mary Shelley, the Shelley family and stories and characters created by famous authors with local connections.

Bournemouth: Crime and the Underworld: Historic crimes relating to the town. There are links to infamous murders, enterprising conmen and much, much more.

Wonderful Westbourne: Hidden secrets, famous people and interesting history. You will find out about writers, actors, pop stars, scientists, a prime minister and much more.

Romance and Scandal in Bournemouth: Heart-warming love stories and some juicy scandals all with a local connection.

The Darker Side of the East Cliff: The extraordinary story of a murder that took place in 1935 as well as an historic shipwreck and the story of an RAF war hero. Be prepared for some ghost stories and intrigue too.

Second World War Bournemouth: Bournemouth’s role in the Second World War was vital and important. You’ll hear about D-Day’s preparations, the effects of devastating bombing raids and how the town celebrated VE and VJ Days in 1945 and more.

The Language of Colour: Enjoy the colours of the season as we walk through Bournemouth’s beautiful Central Gardens. Discover how the English language has embraced descriptions of our country’s multitude of hues. You will also find out about some of Bournemouth’s collection of unusual trees.

Highcliffe: from Slop Pond to High Society: A walk along the stunning coast path telling about the Selfridges, other well-known people connected to Highcliffe, the area’s fascinating geology, the devastating effects of the 1987 hurricane and much more.

“Walk, Woof and Wag” dog walk: A fun dog walk for anyone with a well behaved dog.

Christmas themed Westbourne walk: Crackers, carols, cards and more. Trees, tinsel and turkey will all feature as well as Christmassy readings from the Victorian era.


ILLUSTRATED  TALKS  AND  TALKS  FROM  HATTIE  MILES: Hattie’s talks and illustrated talks are priced from £45 to £85 … to discuss details please email hattiepix@gmail.com or telephone 07907 645897

A virtual fly round Dorset … Hattie will take off from Bournemouth Flying Club and fly West over Broadstone and Corfe Castle and then down to the coast, turn to the East and make her way to Highcliffe and Ringwood before landing safely back at Hurn. Along the way we find various interesting landmarks and learn about some of the people connected to them. There will be aerial views and other photographs.

Romance and Scandal in Bournemouth … Hattie will tell you love stories about Bournemouth residents as diverse as Robert Louis Stevenson, Fanny Cradock and Harry Redknapp. Some are heartwarming and others hilarious.

The story of Mary Shelley … You will find out about Mary Shelley’s Bournemouth connection, her life with Percy Bysshe Shelley and, of course, how she came to write the story ‘Frankenstein’.

The Darker Side of Bournemouth … Step into Bournemouth’s darker side to hear about historic murders and shipwrecks as well as ghosts and famous literary characters with connections to the town.

The Truth About Harry … Find out about the life of American shopping magnate Harry Selfridge and his local links. You will discover how he set up his famous London store, why he is buried in Dorset and how the TV series Mr Selfridge gave his story a new lease of life.

Twelve Gardens That Inspire … If you want to know what Nicholas Parson’s garden is like, how a cliff top veg patch inspired a restaurant or meet a man who has some of the world’s rarest plants in his backyard, Hattie will show you round some fascinating plots.

My life as a photojournalist … Hattie has been a newspaper photographer and writer for nearly thirty-five years. She’ll tell you about how her passion for photography became a career, her work as the Bournemouth Echo’s first woman photographer and recent years as a freelance photographer and writer.

Second World War Bournemouth … Hattie will give you a WW2 evacuees view of life in Bournemouth from the memories of a schoolboy from Portsmouth who grew to love the town so much that eventually he made it his home.

Hattie’s talks and illustrated talks are priced from £45 to £85 … to discuss details please email hattiepix@gmail.com or telephone 07907 645897