June dates for 2017 walkingtalks

Thursday evening 22nd June: 8pm’ish start, “Dark Side of the East Cliff” guided walk after the Hotel Miramar’s Thursday Summer Jazz event.

“Hidden Histories of Boscombe Chine” from The Chine Hotel. Thursday mornings 22nd June and 29th June starting at 10.30am.

Scroll down for full details of these walks!

Photographs of the “Take your Mind of the General Election Guided Walk”  Thursday 8th June and the brand new “Darker Side of Bournemouth” guided walk Monday 5th June are on the Walkingtalks Facebook page …

“Hidden Secrets of Bournemouth” from Hotel Miramar: (new dates will be posted soon)

For all walks group bookings on alternative dates can be arranged.

Also why not try out the two self-guided circular Bournemouth walks from the Hotter Shop in Old Christchurch RoadVisit http://www.hotter.com/blog/walk-with-hotter-and-discover-bournemouth/  and http://www.hotter.com/blog/discover-bournemouth-with-hotter I would be interested to hear what you think about them.

The Darker Side of The West Cliff

Join Hattie Miles for a glimpse of the darker side of Bournemouth … you’ll hear about historic murders and shipwrecks. There’ll be lots of intrigue as well as a couple of ghosts in the mix.  New dates will be posted soon. This guided walk lasts approximately one-and-three-quarter hours.  For more information see: walkingtalks.wordpress.com or contact Hatte Miles on hattiepix@gmail.com (groupbookings on alternative days can be arranged).

“Darker Side of the East Cliff”

On some Thursday evenings through the summer a special “Darker Side of the East Cliff”  one hour  circular walk with Hattie Miles will start, at approximately 8pm, following Summer Jazz night events at the Hotel Miramar. You will hear the extraordinary story of a murder that took place in 1935 not far from the hotel. Be prepared for some ghosts stories and intrigue too.

Walks will take place on 22nd June, 20th July and 27th July … all starting at approximately 8pm after the Jazz.  Meet on the terrace at Hotel Miramar.

Price: £5

Be prepared: this is a mainly flat walk on pavements but I recommend wearing comfortable shoes and dressing appropriately for the weather. Walkers can park in the carpark at the rear of the hotel, just let reception know you are there … there are also bus stops nearby. You can enjoy the Miramar jazz evening  before the walk and get refreshments there before or after.  

For more information see: walkingtalks.wordpress.com or contact Hatte Miles on hattiepix@gmail.com (groupbookings on alternative days can be arranged).  Continue reading

‘Christmas in Westbourne’ guided walk

Join Hattie Miles for a festive walkingtalk in Westbourne. This guided walk is on Thursday  15th December – 10.45am start. Meet at the Seamoor Road end of Westbourne arcade.

Come along and you will learn that Westbourne’s expansion has many parallels with the development of our traditional Christmas celebrations.  You’ll also find out about famous people connected to the area and their Christmas stories. The walk will be interesting and lots of fun.

Price: £4.00 for everyone (special Christmas rate!) … No need to book – just turn up!

Walks take about one-and-a-quarter’ish hours and finish in time for lunchtime refreshments and Christmas shopping.

Be prepared:  This is a gentle, mainly flat walk, but I would recommend wearing comfortable shoes and dressing appropriately for the weather.

HIGHCLIFFE: from Slop Pond to High Society

This circular guided walk will take you along the beautiful coast path at Highcliffe from the Cliffhanger Restaurant. Booking essential on 01425 278058

100 years ago, American self-made millionaire and shopping magnate Harry Selfridge made the imposing stately pile of Highcliffe Castle his country home. I am delighted to have been invited to tell you more about both Harry and Highcliffe on walkingtalks from the Cliffhanger Restaurant. As we walk along the stunning coast path I will not only tell you about the Selfridges, but will also reveal other well-known people connected to Highcliffe, describe the area’s fascinating geology, the devastating effects of the 1987 hurricane and much more.

Morning (10am start) and afternoon (2pm start) walkingtalks, from the Cliffhanger Restaurant in Waterford Road, run on the first Tuesday of the month until September. An after-walk light lunch or cream tea is included in the package (price £15).

Booking via the Cliffhanger is essential on 01425 278058

Tuesdays April 5th, May 3rd, June 7th, July 5th, August 2nd and September 6th. Group bookings on alternative days can be arranged.

Be prepared: this is a moderate walk (about two-and-a-half-miles) and will include slopes and some steps with a good rail. Some of the paths are uneven and can be slippery. I would recommend wearing comfortable shoes and dressing appropriately for the weather.  There is a pay car park next to the Cliffhanger restaurant and the X1 and X2 busses will drop you nearby in Lymington Road.

For more information see: walkingtalks.wordpress.com or contact Hattie Miles on hattiepix@gmail.com (group bookings on alternative days can be arranged)  The walk will take about one-and-three-quarter hours. 

The Cliffhanger is open from 9.00am, so if you’re tempted to have breakfast before the morning walk, or lunch before the afternoon walk, of course, you will be very welcome. Good coffee and teas are always available too.

Coast path pic

Walkingtalks … welcome to 2016 …

Look out for news of up and coming walkingtalks.  Hattie is busy researching new walks and will also include popular walks from last year in the 2016 programme.

HIDDEN SECRETS OF BOURNEMOUTH …  find out about the area’s history, famous residents and visitors and some of the town’s hidden secrets. This is a favourite walkingtalk from Hotel Miramar and it will return in the Spring.

HIDDEN SECRETS OF WESTBOURNE … Westbourne is full of history and has been home to many famous people. This popular walkingtalk will return in the Spring.

HIGHCLIFFE: from Slop Pond to High Society … this new circular walkingtalk will take you along the beautiful coast path between the Cliffhanger Restaurant & Highcliffe Castle.

ROMANCE AND SCANDAL IN BOURNEMOUTH … this entertaining and informative walkingtalk includes love stories, tragedies and some scandalous revelations.

THE DARKER SIDE OF BOURNEMOUTH … this new walkingtalk will tell you about murder, mystery, a ship-wreck and more …

WORLD  WAR  ONE  AND  TWO  BOURNEMOUTH … the town has a fascinating war history … these occasional walkingtalks are always enjoyed.

Look out for new walkingtalks in Southbourne, Highcliffe and Boscombe …


Bournemouth photographed by Hattie Miles with thanks to the Aerial photography School and Andrew Plant at Bournemouth Flying Club

October walkingtalks … thank you!

Thank you everyone who came on my “Hidden Secrets of Bournemouth, “Language of Colour” and “Wonderful Westbourne” walkingtalks during October.  Without you the walks would not be so much fun!!  For November and December I have various Christmas themed walks and hope some of you will come along for those.  Good wishes and keep walking 🙂