Hoping you’re all OK

Hello everybody,

We are living in such strange times and I hope you are all OK! I’m busy planning walks and talks for the future and hope to see you all as soon as this Coronavirus situation allows. I fear it will be sometime … in the meantime, stay safe, stay well and be happy.

I’ve started ‘Walkingtalks lockdown history’ posts on the walkingtalks Facebook page. Do take a look and I hope you enjoy what I’m doing. This week’s subject (no16) is about Bournemouth and Poole’s connections with the writer Gordon M. Williams and his run-in with film director Sam Peckinpah. Find my Facebook page here:


This is a photograph shows one of last year’s walk groups from the Shelley Theatre.

2020 walks information

Hello everybody,

I have decided for the time-being not to organise ‘no need to book, just turn up’ guided walks. It has been a difficult decision but as the profile of the majority my walkers is mainly over 60s and many are in their 70s and 80s I think caution is best. My aim is for you all to stay safe and well.

Thank you for your patience!!! Stay safe, stay well … and stay happy!! Hattie 🙂