Breaking news!!

There will be a walk in February for Chinese New Year of the Dog … it will, of course, be a dog walk and it aims raise money for the RSPCA … more details will be posted soon!

2 thoughts on “Breaking news!!

  1. Hello Hattie,
    I attended your enjoyable Bournemouth Murders at the Literary Society in Southbourne last Wednesday evening – you might recall I raised the question of the demise of Dorset Society with you afterwards. I would be most grateful to have news of your forthcoming walks except for the dog walk (I have no dog- I am a cat man). I enjoyed meeting you and your excellent presentation.
    Ian Lace


    • Hello Ian, I will be posting information soon. So glad you enjoyed the talk – Christchurch Literary Society is booking me for another, so I hope you will come along. My walks programme will begin in earnest later in March … so details will follow on and on the walkingtalks Facebook page.


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