‘Hidden Histories of Boscombe Chine’

Whether you are a resident or visitor you’re sure to enjoy this circular guided walk with Hattie Miles. You will find out about Boscombe Chine’s history, the many famous people connected to it and discover some of its hidden secrets. Meet at the Chine Hotel, 25 Boscombe Spa Road, Boscombe BH5 1AX  

There will be more walks from the Chine Hotel next year.

Photographs of 2017 Boscombe Chine walks can be found on the walkingtalks Facebook page.

Be prepared: this is a moderate walk and includes some slopes and steps with a good rail. I recommend wearing comfortable shoes and dressing appropriately for the weather. Walkers can park in the hotel’s carparks, but please let reception know you are there. Refreshments are available at the Chine Hotel before or after the walk. 

For more information see: walkingtalks.wordpress.com or contact Hatte Miles on hattiepix@gmail.com (groupbookings on alternative days can be arranged).

Chine Hotel

The Chine Hotel, Boscombe, from Bright’s Guide to Bournemouth 1888


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