“Darker Side of the East Cliff”

On some Thursday evenings through the summer a special “Darker Side of the East Cliff”  one hour  circular walk with Hattie Miles will start, at approximately 8pm, following Summer Jazz night events at the Hotel Miramar. You will hear the extraordinary story of a murder that took place in 1935 not far from the hotel. Be prepared for some ghosts stories and intrigue too.

Walks will take place on 22nd June, 20th July and 27th July … all starting at approximately 8pm after the Jazz.  Meet on the terrace at Hotel Miramar.

Price: £5

Be prepared: this is a mainly flat walk on pavements but I recommend wearing comfortable shoes and dressing appropriately for the weather. Walkers can park in the carpark at the rear of the hotel, just let reception know you are there … there are also bus stops nearby. You can enjoy the Miramar jazz evening  before the walk and get refreshments there before or after.  

For more information see: walkingtalks.wordpress.com or contact Hatte Miles on hattiepix@gmail.com (groupbookings on alternative days can be arranged). 


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