Walkingtalks … welcome to 2016 …

Look out for news of up and coming walkingtalks.  Hattie is busy researching new walks and will also include popular walks from last year in the 2016 programme.

HIDDEN SECRETS OF BOURNEMOUTH …  find out about the area’s history, famous residents and visitors and some of the town’s hidden secrets. This is a favourite walkingtalk from Hotel Miramar and it will return in the Spring.

HIDDEN SECRETS OF WESTBOURNE … Westbourne is full of history and has been home to many famous people. This popular walkingtalk will return in the Spring.

HIGHCLIFFE: from Slop Pond to High Society … this new circular walkingtalk will take you along the beautiful coast path between the Cliffhanger Restaurant & Highcliffe Castle.

ROMANCE AND SCANDAL IN BOURNEMOUTH … this entertaining and informative walkingtalk includes love stories, tragedies and some scandalous revelations.

THE DARKER SIDE OF BOURNEMOUTH … this new walkingtalk will tell you about murder, mystery, a ship-wreck and more …

WORLD  WAR  ONE  AND  TWO  BOURNEMOUTH … the town has a fascinating war history … these occasional walkingtalks are always enjoyed.

Look out for new walkingtalks in Southbourne, Highcliffe and Boscombe …


Bournemouth photographed by Hattie Miles with thanks to the Aerial photography School and Andrew Plant at Bournemouth Flying Club