Photo-walkers at the Jon Egging memorial on Bournemouth's East Cliff

Photo-walkers at the Jon Egging memorial on Bournemouth’s East Cliff

Last year former Daily Echo photographer Hattie Miles organised two really enjoyable walking talks in Bournemouth with keen amateur photographers.  They went to some unusual spots for taking interesting photographs including Bournemouth’s Upper Gardens, the War Memorial, The Pier, Mary Shelley’s grave and the Jon Egging Memorial.  The walks included some basic tips about photography (nothing too boring!!) and Hattie told some entertaining stories of her news photography during her 24 years on the Echo.  


Photo-walkers Yvonne, Chris, Kate and Hilary

Walkers were encouraged to take their own digital pictures on both cameras and mobile devices.  At the end of the day they all went for a cuppa and a cake and looked at each others pictures.  It was a really fun day.  

Now, a whole year later, Hattie is aiming to do more photo walks and some walking tours as well.  If you are interested do keep an eye out for posters, and website information. 

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